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Upgrading Instructions

Current Versions

  • World Language Mapping System - Version 19
  • Seamless Digital Chart of the World - Version 10.5
  • Peoples of South Asia - Version 2016
  • World Factbook GeoDatabase - Version 2016

How to Upgrade

If you have previously purchased a copy of any of our products that is not the current version, we offer special discounts to upgrade. To do this:

  1. Select the product you want from store home page
  2. Add the dataset to your cart
  3. Sign in
  4. Under the Coupon Code or License Key box, enter your license key
    • This can be found under your user account
    • If you cannot find your license key, please contact us
    • This will act as both validation of your older version of the product and your discount coupon
  5. Your discounted price will be reflected in your cart
Note: Each License Key can only be used once. If for some reason your key is not working, contact us.

Additional User Upgrades

Upgrade discounts are also available for Additional User Licenses. Please contact us to find out more about additional user discounts.

Bundle Upgrades

When attempting to upgrade the Bundle: Seamless Digital Chart of the World + World Language Mapping System, you will notice that you have two  license keys. To receive the upgrade discount, enter in your World Language Mapping System license key from the bundle.

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