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Download Instructions

Before downloading, please note:

  • The Bundle: Seamless Digital Chart of the World + World Language Mapping System is a 1 gigabyte download
  • Seamless Digital Chart of the World is a 902 megabyte download 
  • World Language Mapping System is an 122 megabyte download 
  • Peoples of South Asia is a 77 megabyte download
  • World Factbook GeoDatabase is a 7 megabyte download

Users without broadband connections should consider carefully before ordering this product for electronic delivery, and all users should consider using a download manager capable of restarting an interrupted download. If you are unable to download a WorldGeoDataset product, we can ship you a CD-ROM instead.

By placing an order for this product, you represent that the person placing the order and any user of the product have read, understood, and agree to abide by the terms of the End-User License agreement.

For ordering questions, contact Scott Todd, +1-610-616-3376 or email

Downloading and Installing your Dataset

  1. A link will be near the bottom of the final checkout screen that will let you download the dataset you just purchased
    • The download link will also be accessable from your account
    • You will be given seven days and five attempts to download your dataset
  2. You will receive an email with your license key
  3. After your file finishes downloading, unzip it
  4. In your unziped folder, click on the file setup.EXE
  5. An installer will begin running; On the screen called Password you will be asked to "enter the installation password into the field below"
  6. Enter your license key as the installation password into the field
    • You will also use this license key for support questions and when upgrading your dataset in the future
  7. Your dataset will install and you will be ready to work

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